BEE jewels main collection is made from precious metal:

- 925% silver with a silver plating or gold plating

- Stainless Steel

Our jewelry are all certified by the INCM which provides the costumer with the warranty and verification of the metal and applying a mark according to the precious metal. (See Image 1)

Legally certificated by Portuguese house of Coins ( INCM- Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda) 

The INCM mark is only compulsory in jewelry with weight heavier than 2 grams for silver jewels, and 0,5 for gold jewels.

You can view the Silver and Gold daily quotation in this link HERE 

-If there is doubt/question of the authenticity about the legal mark of your product, you can resort to the verification and services of the INCM. 

-You can verify with this image the legal mark set by the INCM

(Image 1, click here to view bigger )

This website is managed by Eva Francisca Rodrigues


Adress : rua 23 nº365 1ºc 4500-141 Espinho 

INCM: Certificate number nº T1637 

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